Project Details

This project is an example of a website for an industrial application. The website needed to be simple and functional for the user to be able to find information quickly and easily. The site was built around the blue and green logo. The images were both taken from the company and purchased online. This websites is an example of what can be done with a premium theme and a variety of free plugins. Overall, the website is both functional and simplistic which is pleasing to the eye.

Not only did we design the website but we also did some SEO work to make sure it could easily be found with a simple google search. After a few months of time, Peak Servo is now currently the number one choice on Google for “Linear Servo Amplifiers”.

The owner of the company also needed some content to be created for the website. We were happy to do this and wrote a majority of the content on the website given the information of the business.

Skills: WordPress, Photoshop, SEO, Content Client: Peak Servo Location: View Project