Project Details

SD Power Customs is an automotive restyling company, and because of this, we had to make the information on the site very visible and prominent. Rather than serving as a source of information, this website has to function as a marketing tool to attract business. To accomplish this, we included lots of large text with specials and pricing info. Coupled with the marketing, the site also had to convey that the company does good quality work. To do this, we made an effort to include lots of images all throughout the site.

Not only did we design the website but we also did some SEO work to make sure it could easily be found with a simple google search. After a few months of time, SD Power Customs is now very highly ranked on google!

SD Power Customs required a WooCommerce store, but also an online booking system that allows customers to schedule appointments online. We used a service called “Bookly” to allow clients to use an online calendar to easily make reservations!

Skills: WordPress, WooCommerce, Bookly, PhotoShop, SEO, Content Client: SD Power Customs Location: View Project