Project Details

The MIQ/Urban Network Digital Conference is a huge yearly music conference that takes place in Los Angeles, California. For the conference, the website is a hub for people to buy tickets and for music talents to express their interest in the event. The conference has many sponsors and it is very important to showcase them as well. Overall, the website had to be a reflection of the event: fun, exciting, and something that makes you want to dance!

Not only did we design the website but we also did some SEO work to make sure it could easily be found with a simple google search.

To get the look and feel we wanted from the site, we opted for a video slider on the long, scrolling homepage. In terms of other functionality, we had to integrate a ticket system so customers are able to purchase tickets directly from the website. Social media and images play a major role in the conference, so we made an extra effort to make sure all of these outlets are highlighted.

Skills: WordPress, E-Commerce, Social MediaPhotoshop, SEO, Content Client: Urban Network Digital/MIQ Conference Location: View Project