Site Upgrade

Existing sites can be upgraded starting at $75 depending on the depth of the project. Contact us for a custom quote.

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Package Details

Complete WordPress Setup

All plans include “Complete WordPress Setup”. We will set your website up from start to finish and handle your administration settings for optimal website performance.

Host and Domain Assistance

“Host and Domain Assistance” is available with any plan free of charge. We will guide you through the process of choosing a host and domain if you have not done so already. The host and domain are the most important parts of a website, and we will help you find the best, most affordable host that will meet your needs.


Every site needs theme. WordPress offers both basic (free) and premium (paid) themes. Upon the purchase of a plan, we will present you with a number of basic and premium themes and you may choose the best one for your application. The theme determines the entire look of your website and we will make sure you have one that suits your needs. If you would like a premium theme, you must pay the entirety of the cost or you may upgrade to the Premium Plan.

Clean, Easy-to-Use Design

We will give your website a clean look and make sure it is easy to use.

Your Branding/Colors

We will integrate your logo and colors into the design of the entire website.


All plans include a specific number of pages included. Upon request, additional pages can be added to any plan for the cost of $8.


All plans include a specific number of pictures (can be your content or internet images) that can be placed anywhere on the site. These pictures do not include the included homepage slideshow images. Additional pictures can be added for 75 cents.

Homepage Slideshow

All plans include a slideshow on the homepage with a specific number of images. Homepage slideshows make a statement about your business and are great for any site. Additional images can be added at an additional cost.

Blog Page

All plans include an optional blog page which you can use to post information and connect with your users.

Social Media Integration

We will integrate social-media buttons and live feeds from websites such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

Contact Form

All plans include a specific number of contact forms so users can easily contact or submit information to you in a streamlined manner. Additional contact forms can be added for $5.

Favicon Integration

We can create or use an existing favicon on your website. This is included in all plans.