About Us

We design stunning websites that are both extremely functional and great to look at!
Designing WordPress Websites Since 2014

Based in San Diego, California, we strive to build quality websites using our process based off of four key principles. From start to finish, we put you, the client, first to build you the best website possible!


At Wes Designs, we believe a great website starts with great communication with the customer. We strive to capture the vision of the client, and portray that in the best way possible online.  We make sure the client is involved throughout the process, so we can make quick changes early as opposed to working backwards later.


We believe the best website is a simple one. Visitors to your site should be able to navigate through it quickly and find the information they need easily. Fortunately, a functional website does not need to come at the cost of its style. We strive to create websites that are easy-to-use, professional, and pleasing to the eye.


Many people see the process of creating a website as a dreadful one. We believe a website should be both affordable in terms of cost as well as your time, as a client. Before we begin a project, we provide you with a free quote that best reflects the needs of your business. You focus on your business–we’ll make sure it looks good online.


Often, people believe that WordPress limits what is possible with a website. While it is true WordPress is limited compared to a site coded from scratch, we believe in the flexibility of WordPress’ powerful engine. With the plethora of WordPress themes and plugins available, we believe we can design a site to meet the needs of any business!

Our Process

Initial Questionnaire and Quote
It is important we have a clear understanding of your goals as a business owner before we even touch your website. We start every new client off with a quick questionnaire to get a better idea of what you are looking for in a website. At this point, we will provide a free quote and a general “plan of attack” for the proposed project.
Design Proposal and Themes
WordPress relies on themes or templates to structure a website and provide it with a basic design. Once you complete our questionnaire, we will present you with a handful of WordPress themes (both free and paid) that we believe will best suit the needs of your business. If you like one of the options, we will move forward with that design. If not, we will keep searching until we find one that meets your needs. Remember, WordPress is extremely customizable, so the theme you see initially will probably look a lot different from the finished project!
Building and Feedback
This step takes up the majority of the web design process. At this point, we will take your content and build the website around it. As we do this, we will send you frequent progress updates and receive your feedback to make sure you are involved throughout the process.
Once we are finished designing the website with the content you provide, we will review the site and look for any design flaws and issues. At this point, you, the client, review the site and provide feedback so we can tweak the site before it goes live. Once this is done, your site is ready to go!
Finishing Touches
Once we launch your site, we will take care of some important work behind the scenes. We will optimize the site for major search engines by configuring appropriate keywords and submitting sitemaps. We will then tweak the backend of the site to enable caching and other performance enhancing features. We strive to make your site as visible as possible on major search engines. We want it to load quickly too!

Want to Work With Us?

Have a question about our process or services? Looking for a quote? We look forward to hearing from you!

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