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Design is the key aspect of our business. We can build websites from scratch or give them a well-needed update. We work with you to find the right WordPress theme for your site and we will build it to your liking. With WordPress’ powerful engine and the plethora of plugins available, we can build a website that both meets and exceeds the needs of your application!


eCommerce lets businesses of any size easily sell a physical or digital product online. We work to create an online store front specifically tailored to your product. Your online store will allow you to receive credit card payments online and ship or download your products right to your customer. See how eCommerce can work for you and your business!


What's the point of a great website if no one can find it? Once your site is done, we will make sure to optimize it for major search engines so it can be found as easily as possible. By using the right keywords and by using sitemaps effectively, we will do our best to make sure your website is competitive in your industry on major search engines.


The back end of most websites is confusing and hard to update. We can convert your existing website to WordPress’ easy to use interface. No need to call an expensive web developer every time you want to make a quick change to your site. WordPress makes easy it for people of all skills levels to make changes to their site without dealing with any confusing code!

What We Strive For

Responsive Design

Smartphones and tablets are used very frequently to browse the web. With a huge variety of different screen sizes and input methods, it is important your site looks and works great on all of them!


Does your site have frequently changing content? We are happy to provide you with knowledge on updating your site yourself, but we also offer update plans for sites that are always changing.


It’s important to do frequent maintenance on your website to keep it running smoothly. We offer flexible maintenance plans to make sure your site is always performing at its potential.

Easy Communication

It shouldn’t be a hassle to get a hold of us. We encourage you to ask questions, and we pride ourselves on quick responses. We are also located in San Diego, California and are available for “in-house” work.


Your input is extremely valuable to us, so we make sure you are involved throughout the entire process. We won’t hide any details from you, and we will always keep you informed with your site’s progress.

Attention to Detail

At Wes Designs, we treat every website as if it were our own. We strive to make sure your website is perfect down to the smallest details.

Looking for something you don’t see here? We are very flexible with the services we offer and are happy to provide recommendations to make sure you get exactly what you need. Let us know!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use WordPress for my website?
WordPress is a great platform that allows you to create websites for almost any application quickly and easily! WordPress is extremely flexible and with the plethora of plugins and themes available, the possibilities with your website are limitless. WordPress also utilizes a very intuitive admin panel that allows you to easily manage your site. No need to call a developer every time you need to make a change to your site. See how you can get an extremely functional, cost effective, and elegant website today!
How do I get started?
Just send us a message using our contact form! Whether you have everything ready to go for your website, or you just know you need one, we will work with you to build an awesome website! For most projects, we will begin by sending you a quick questionnaire to better understand the needs of your business. From this point, we will send you a quote and can start moving with your project.
Will I be able to update my site myself once you finish?
WordPress uses a very intuitive, code-free, interface that allows almost anyone to edit their website like a pro! At Wes Designs, we encourage business owners to feel comfortable with the back end of their site. We are happy to help clients understand the WordPress control panel after their site is completed. Still sound daunting? We provide recurring maintenance plans, and we are happy to make changes and update your site!
Will my site be responsive?
With mobile phones and tablets becoming a primary web browsing device for most people, it is important for your site to look great on any screen. At Wes Designs, we strive to create responsive websites that look great on any device.
How much will my site cost?
The cost of website varies dramatically depending on its purpose and application. Some projects are small and quick, while others are very detailed and involved. It is our goal to make websites affordable for a variety of different businesses and people. Ask us for a free quote!
What is hosting? Do I need it?
Every website you see online is using some sort of web host or hosting service. Web hosting services are independent from Wes Designs, and must be purchased by the client. However, we are happy to provide recommendations and advice when it comes to choosing a web host.

“Web hosting is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website or web page onto the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed in the Internet. Websites are hosted, or stored, on special computers called servers.”

– Taken from

What is your process?
Please see our about page.
Do I need to provide content myself?
Yes. You must supply all materials required by us to complete the website in relation to the agreed specification. Materials include but are not limited to, logos, photographs, and other written/printed material.

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"Wes Designs was great to work with. My site was up fast and it looks clean and is easy to use."


Peak Servo

"Wes Designs has an incredible ability to fulfill my expectations, and is always on time with updates. I had the best experience working with them."


SD Power Customs

"Wes Designs has the best customer service and built my company a beautiful site!"


Tradeline Guys

"We wanted to replicate our Wix site and transfer it to Wordpress. We didn't think it was possible, but Wes Designs proved otherwise. Absolutely fantastic developers!"



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